0.5.4 (2012-12-04)

  • Added keys method to marshaller such that the object can be used as a mapping.

0.5.3 (2012-11-23)

  • Fixed an issue where a fields definition with a single entry would get incorrectly marshalled when the corresponding data had multiple entries.

0.5.2 (2012-11-19)

  • Fixed an issue with required where the marshaller would not correctly convert a value to the provided value type.

0.5.1 (2012-11-16)

  • Type-checking has been removed from the marshalling code:

    if not error and not isinstance(value, data_type):
        error = True

    This change was required to support “schema types” such as:

    import re
    match_email = re.compile(
    class email(unicode):
        def __new__(cls, string):
          if match_email(string):
              return string
          raise ValueError(u"Not a valid e-mail address.")

0.5.0 (2010-05-28)

  • Fixed Errors class to use the more obtuse __getattr__ override; this fixes an issue where an attribute lookup of __class__ would fail. [malthe]
  • Added required decorator for field types; when we wrap a type with this decorator, inputs that do not validate (even the trivial input of the empty string) are given the input value as-is. Compare this to an optional field (the default setting) where the empty string will be interpreted as a non-input (unless it’s a string type or another type which will accept the empty string). [malthe]
  • Add __contains__/has_key support to the Error class. [wichert]

0.4.2 (2009-09-14)

  • Added any builtin fallback. [malthe]

0.4.1 (2009-07-31)

  • Added defaultdict emulation class. [malthe]

0.4 (2009-07-29)

  • The selected action, if any, is available in the action attribute of a form instance. [malthe]
  • Even if form input does not validate, the input is available as-is in the data dictionary. [malthe, rnix]
  • Request parameters can now be provided directly as the params keyword argument. [malthe]
  • Added get method to errors dictionary. [malthe]
  • Errors can now be compared with each other to see if they are the same. This makes it easier to test without doctest.
  • Made the truth test for the errors object check just for messages in itself or it’s sub errors. This avoids having the errors object saying it is true after accessing a key for which no error exists (thus creating a new errors object). [jvloothuis]
  • Changed the base class of errors from unicode to object. This makes it behave like one would expect when printing etc. [jvloothuis]

0.3.2 (2009-03-09)

  • Shedding unused dependency on ‘zope.interface’ [jvloothuis]

0.3.1 (2008-10-27)

  • Make it possible to set prefix as class attribute. [malthe]
  • Fixed issue where action parameters would not get set. [malthe]

0.3 (2008-10-27)

  • Marshalled data is no longer applied when no parameters are available from the request. [malthe]
  • Made the errors-object subclass unicode instead of defaultdict and implemented custom string representation function which concatenates error messages. [malthe]

0.2 (2008-10-19)

  • Created/improved the abilities for custom validation. [jvloothuis]
  • Added form action support. [malthe]
  • Reworked marshalling code to handle dynamic dictionary keys. [malthe]
  • Implemented form data object which facilities the form processing flow from applying the request to committing changes to a context object. [malthe]
  • Integrated the converter into the form module. [seletz]
  • Added ValidationErrors object, which evaluates to True if validation errors occured. [seletz]
  • Added unicode converter. [seletz]
  • Added converter module to support converting and validating request parameters sent by a form. [seletz]
  • Added logic to allow registering and acquiring template API components from templates. [malthe]
  • Changed the Skin Template View to be a class, and added a minimal interface ISkinTemplate to access the template path [seletz]
  • Fixed a bug where we did not tear down the tests correctly [seletz]
  • Fixed bug where the INewRequest event handler would call templates when checking for their existence [seletz]

0.1 (2008-09-25)

  • Initial release [malthe]
  • Added support to dynamically register templates if they are added to a registered template directory [seletz]