repoze.evolution Changelog

0.5 (2013-04-25)

  • Add support for building docs under tox.
  • Add docs alias (installs Sphinx and dependencies).
  • Add dev alias (installs testing dependencies).
  • Added support for continuous integration using tox and jenkins.
  • Drop support for Python 2.4 / 2.5.

0.4 (2011-01-13)

  • Extended ZODBEvolutionManager to allow passing in a proxy for the transaction module, or None (to suppress transactions altogether).
  • Separated tests for ZODBEvolutionManager class from those for evolve_to_latest.

0.3 (2009-12-03)

  • Remove unncessary assignment.
  • repoze.evolution no longer attempts to construe implicitly the version of a database for which no version has been set explicitly. Previously, an unversioned database was construed to already be at the software version. The ZODBEvolutionManager performed a write on read, setting the database version to the software when get_db_version() was called. The constructor for ZODBEvolutionManager now accepts an optional argument, initial_db_version, which specificies the version a database should be considered to be if it does not already have a version set. The default value is None. If a database has not already been marked to be at a particular version, get_db_version() will return the initial database version value. If this is None, attempts to call evolve_to_latest() will fail with a ValueError. This represents a backwards incompatible change, as databases for which no initial version is supplied explicitly will now fail to evolve.
  • Added new public method, set_db_version() to IEvolutionManager interface.

0.2 (2009-06-25)

  • 100% test coverage.

0.1 (2008-10-11)

  • Initial release.

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