compoze Changelog

1.0b1 (2012-12-28)

  • Added support for building docs under tox, including testing any doctest snippets.
  • Added support for Python 3.2 and 3.3, including testing them under tox.
  • Added support for PyPy, including testing it under tox.
  • Added coverage testing for under tox.
  • Added testing for supported Python versions under tox.
  • Added logic to handle archives (e.g., Twisted’s) which contain multiple ‘’ files. Thanks to Travis Jensen for the patch.
  • Added ‘ dev’ alias (installs ‘nose’ and ‘coverage’ after running ‘ develop’).

compoze (2012-04-19)

  • Repair packaging error in 0.4.1 (CHANGES.txt not included in the tarball).

compoze 0.4.1 (2012-03-18)

  • Harden ‘compoze.indexer’ against archives containing ‘’ which exit with errors, or which return bad data for ‘ –name –version’. Fixes thanks to Paul Winkler for the original version of the patch.

compoze 0.4 (2010-03-29)

  • Added global --use-versions and --versions-section options, to permit specifying requirements from the configuration file. Updated compoze fetch and compoze show to use such requirements.
  • Normalized options, allowing more to be set globally or in the config file: --index-url, --find-links, --fetch-site-packages, --include-binary-eggs, --keep-tempdir.
  • Updated spelling of --find-link option to --find-links.
  • Added a global --config-file option to permit setting options in an INI-style config file.

compoze 0.3.1 (2010-03-25)

  • Fix bug in compoze fetch under recent setuptools: “AttributeError: NoneType has no attribute ‘clone’”.
  • Fix bug in compoze show under recent setuptools: “AttributeError: EmptyProvider instance has no attribute ‘name’”.
  • Further documentation improvements.

compoze 0.3 (2010-03-25)

  • Added Sphinx documentation.
  • Switched to using pkginfo to parse package information.
  • Added pool command which moves all archives in the current directory to a common pool directory and symlinks them back.
  • Added show command, which displays locations for one or more requirements across a set of indexes.

compoze 0.2 (2007-11-19)

  • Added --help-commands option to show subcommands.
  • Broke fetch and index out as subcommands; other commands can be registered using the pkg_resources entry point group, compoze_commands.

compoze 0.1 (2007-11-14)

  • Initial release.